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Spray Tan – Automated Mystic Tan
Simple fast spray tan. Choose your colour, step into the booth and after just a few minutes you have the most perfect even tan in a shade of your choice!

With the best sun beds on the market, our sunbeams offer super-fast tanning in great comfort. Our rates are unbeatable at only 50p per minute…

Stand Up Sun Bed – Alisun v600+
Introducing the top of the line. The V600+ is the absolute best that vertical sun-tanning has to offer. With 48 body lamps, 3 face tanners and 2 shoulder tanners, the V600+ delivers an overwhelming tanning experience.

Lay Down Sun Bed – Alisun 400+
We believe that great tanning results, high comfort and pleasing design should be available at an affordable price. The Alisun 400+ is the best example of that philosophy.

Stand Up Sun Bed – Ergoline 440

  • Excellent tanning performance with 44 × 200 watt UV lamps
  • Generous tanning area
  • Music enjoyment during tanning – simply plug in your player and go!