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G5® Massage Therapy

TheG5® massage therapy is a simple yet effective therapy for the body that delivers a deep mechanical massage which breaks down fatty tissues, encourages circulation and leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft while also reducing the appearance of cellulite.

The multi-dimensional stroke, percussion and vibratory massage of the G5 improves blood circulation, crumbles the fat molecules so they can be easily circulated by the body for excretion.

When combined with good eating habits and lifestyle changes, weight loss can be accelerated.

The increased blood flow also speeds up the regeneration of your skin. Elastin and collagen production is stimulated for improved skin formation.

The G5 will also help alleviate pain, tension and fatigue.

Since the lymphatic system is activated, it is advisable to drink plenty of water pre and post procedure.

Benefits of the G5 Massage Therapy Unit

deep relaxing massage treatment helps break down tension assists in weight loss and detox relieves pain by removing lactic acid tones muscles and reduces atrophy accelerates lymphatic drainage of trapped toxins
promotes relaxation and better sleep lymphatic drainage improves blood circulation your body is slimmer, toned and more supple boosts immune system reduces cellulite ripples and dimples